Ideas for Getting National Media Coverage


Media Relations

Having your insight featured in a news article can give you instant third-party credibility, and hence establishing relationships with influential reporters can be key to your success. As a public relations professional, I have access to at least 100 reporters a day that are working on stories across wide-ranging industries and that I’m in contact with in order to provide them with the expertise they need. I also use a professional distribution service that helps me reach 5,500 media outlets and 10,000 reporters a day.  I think opening an account with ProfNet is one of the best ways to get national media coverage.

This next section discusses one of my most popular programs that my clients love, and features a few samples of how I create an expert alert.

Get Your Insight Featured In National Media Today

What is continuous media exposure worth to you and your business?

O’Neal Media Group will write and distribute a US1 media advisory to thousands of busy journalists seeking your expertise today. One of the best ways to get quoted by the media is to follow the news cycle and tie your expertise to breaking news stories.

We monitor the latest studies and surveys in your industry, to keep you ahead of the pack. The media advisories we issue are distributed to 5,500 media outlets nationally and to 9,000 journalists hungry for story ideas. Our clients have been contacted by the BBC, local and national media that resulted in placements. I routinely monitor the news cycle in order to tie my client’s expertise and position them as an expert. It’s one of our most popular programs. Here are some samples that garnered major media placements:

The following content was featured on a nationally syndicated radio show, “Dresser After Dark”:

BEHAVIOR: Contrary To What Feminists Have Said, Men Are Not Disposable.

Dr. Beth Erickson, Ph.D., speaker and author based in Edina, Minn., can discuss why both fathers and mothers are important in children’s lives:  “In light of the The Shriver Report, the share of women who are unmarried has skyrocketed: 40 percent of women over age 25 are now unmarried and  a record 40 percent of children born in 2007 had an unmarried mother. While divorce rates have fallen, many women delay and some never even enter marriage.  Is society chalking fathers up to be superfluous, so that fathers are internalizing the cultural norm? Fathers and mothers are not identical  or interchangeable parts. With their reciprocal roles, each offers the child unique elements that contribute to its intellectual, psychological,  and social development. Both parents together and separately provide the supplies that are vital ingredients required for building a positive self-image for children and for helping them figure out how to constructively participate in society.” 
RELATIONSHIPS: How Couples Can Improve Interpersonal Communication.

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis, Ph.D., author of “Why Don’t You Understand? A Gender Relationship Dictionary,” can discuss how couples can improve interpersonal communication: “In light of the PBS series ‘This Emotional Life,’ America’s mind will be tuned to learning ways to foster well-being, which can include clearing up communication between the sexes. Couples often get into horrific entanglements — without understanding how they got there. They may start off with a simple question that, with no discernible explanation, erupts into an argument. One of them may walk out of the room, yell or go silent, which only inflames the other’s feelings. How does this happen? Sometimes, it’s as simple as one not accurately hearing what the other says, but reacting based on what was erroneously heard. Sometimes, it’s not recognizing that men participate better in a conversation if they are posed with a question or a problem to solve. A general comment, like women often make, leaves them waiting to hear what is expected of them. It can end up with her talking, his waiting for a question, her getting angry that he is not responding, his then getting angry at her for getting angry at him and the cycle continues.”

About ONealMedia
O’Neal Media Group In a crowded PR field, do you want to be treated by your publicist as the only client? O’Neal Media Group can deliver value and enhance your market recognition, increase your visibility, and meet your public relations goals and most important of all- get you results by: • Focusing enthusiastically on your needs and delivering 110% because we take pride in our profession • Walking many extra miles to assist you achieve your goals through strategic planning and creation of a comprehensive communications plan. • Representing you and your company in the utmost professional manner • Using the best technology in the industry to create press kits, relational contact management, and fast press kit updates when breaking news hits. • Tailored services based on your organization’s needs that translates into a stronger message being portrayed through PR • Consistency and trust whereby when new opportunities come up in the media that will benefit you , we will keep you appraised by e-mail, or phone. • Assurance that we make every effort to completely understand your market since we schedule a 60 minute “Great Start” brainstorming session via phone, or face to face.

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