Blogging with purpose

Sherrie Bakshi writing for Public Relations Tactics on ideas to what constitutes a good blog noted the importance of writing about topics one is passionate about. She said, “ Also consider your posts as an opportunity for you to position yourself as an expert in your field.” Bakshi went on to say there is value in creating an editorial calendar in order to plan consistent postings. The reason for this is related to offering up fresh, relevant content, and its clear search engines will respond. I’ve been taking a course with ACEInspire and recently attended a webinar related to establishing planned blogging and content. Bashki also touches upon this point by suggesting creating editorial calendars for the same purpose– regular postings tied to your campaigns or projects.

About ONealMedia
O’Neal Media Group In a crowded PR field, do you want to be treated by your publicist as the only client? O’Neal Media Group can deliver value and enhance your market recognition, increase your visibility, and meet your public relations goals and most important of all- get you results by: • Focusing enthusiastically on your needs and delivering 110% because we take pride in our profession • Walking many extra miles to assist you achieve your goals through strategic planning and creation of a comprehensive communications plan. • Representing you and your company in the utmost professional manner • Using the best technology in the industry to create press kits, relational contact management, and fast press kit updates when breaking news hits. • Tailored services based on your organization’s needs that translates into a stronger message being portrayed through PR • Consistency and trust whereby when new opportunities come up in the media that will benefit you , we will keep you appraised by e-mail, or phone. • Assurance that we make every effort to completely understand your market since we schedule a 60 minute “Great Start” brainstorming session via phone, or face to face.

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