My secret weapon

I have a wonderful contact managment system which was designed by a company called Blue Kangaroo.  The system allows me to upload fresh, targeted media leads, and once this process is complete, I’m able to send media advisories and pitches to hundreds of journalists. The best part about my contact management system is that my clients get media placements. An aspect of the system allows me to track the e-mails that got media attention and were opened. If the e-mail was opened multiple times, it’s a clear indicator that there may be interest in terms of a media placement. Once I track this, I simply contact the media lead by e-mail with a simple note:What can we do to get him or her on the air? or interviewed for a feature story? . It really streamlines the process of pitching journalists and editors, and makes communication effective. The other benefit is that I’m able to measure the number of media outlets that show interest in my client, and I can quickly access the information. As a publicist, this is an invaluable tool particularly in keeping track of my client’s activities in terms of what I have done on their behalf from week to week.  As a publicist I use the most up-to-date and effective marketing tools which adds value to what I offer.

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Timing is Everything

There seems to be some debate over the best days to send out a press release.  Most consider the middle of the week best, while others consider Fridays to be better since very few outlets expect to receive a media release, and you’ll have in a good chance of standing out.

Unless the media release you are sending is breaking news, in some instances, it’s  best to pull together a concise pitch and phone the media outlet. But don’t pick up the phone until you’ve researched the right contact. Once you have all the information, the best times to call media outlets have been 10 AM- 12 PM  or 2 Pm- 4 PM.

Generally, it’s a good practice not to call a newsroom during morning meetings so by 10 AM- most are over. In like manner, make sure you don’t call a braodcast outlet host, during the timeframe they are on the air.  Personally, I make it a point not to phone after 4 PM just out of courtesy, when media are wrapping up their day, finalizing deadlines, or taking care of other urgent business.  I think by 4 PM, we are ready to call it a day, anyway, and its best to start fresh in the morning.

I’m still often surprised at the quickness with which reporter’s and bloggers answer their phones, and for this reason, I realize I have only a matter of seconds to get my point across.  Write out the most important key ideas on a pad to refer to when phoning.

I only give my first name, and luckily, it’s a short one and won’t consume too much time to say outloud. Timing is everything, and mostly speaking in a concise way, during the right time of day, to the right person seems to increase my client’s placements over time.

New Interactive PR Tool

I recently learned about how to enliven a press release through Gnosis Arts PR.  The information on their website notes  :” With the Quick Response Release™, we embed a QR code into your press release as your logo or image. We include a call to action as the caption of your release. When readers scan the QR code, they are shown a message directly on their mobile phone. The message prompts them to text the displayed message to a phone number, all with the click of a button. When they text the message, they automatically receive back a text message that includes your special coupon code (or any promotional or publicity message you want to use.”

For my purposes, I send out media releases to interest media outlets in interviewing my clients, and I find the QR code to be a remarkable way to lead the viewers of my press release directly to my client’s websites and amazon pages.  Gnosis Arts PR actually creates the QR code and embeds it into the release.  The receipient of the press release needs to have a QR scanner to view the release, however there is a fast and easy way to obtain one by visiting a website: NOTE: If you don’t have a QR code scanner, visit on you mobile device and follow the instructions.

The idea of making a press release ‘conversion oriented” is brillant e specially for authors seeking to get more visitors to their Amazon page, and hence increase book sales.

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