Do you have a human interest angle? Try Drive-Time Radio

I learned  some time ago from a Fox News Talk producer, Shana Pearlman who covered Drive-time air that
for these segmments she was always focused on stories that would be of interest to those driving to work, or school.
She beleived that audience included carpooling mothers, sales people, or truckers. Hence, if
pitching to drive time broadcast outlets, consider the stories just about everyone is talking about.
She pointed out that if you are aware of the news and you have the drive-time audience in mind, radio
producers are going to respond more readily.

She shared a few quick tips  for pitching drive-time radio:

* If you are an opinionated author or expert, you make an excellent candidate for drive time radio.
Audiences listen longer when there is drama present on the air.

*Use a dramatic headline  like one you would read in an newspaper. Figure out the quickest way to get
to the “meat’ of the story right in the headline.

*Include a brief broadcast bio that a host can read on the air and let the audience know who you are.

* Place all the information in the body of the e-mail. Never send an attachment unless the radio
station requests.

About ONealMedia
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