Poll reveals 62% of Journalists use Public Relations Agencies For Sourcing



Kevin Allen writing for Ragan’s PR Daily asserted “a new poll suggests that journalists are increasingly relying on social media for their sources, but it’s still not as influential as PR”.

Allen then cited Oriella PR Network who  polled nearly 500 journalists, and learned that 47 percent are using Twitter (up from 33 percent a year ago) and 35 percent are using Facebook as a source (up from 25 percent a year ago).

The journalist pointed out,”Still, social media isn’t the first thing they’re going to—only 4 percent said they use Twitter, Facebook, or blogs as their first source in researching a story.”

Allen went on to write, “The No. 1 resource that journalists in this study are using for sourcing was PR agencies, with a whopping 62 percent.

“As for the first port of call when researching a news or feature story? PR again! Nearly 22 percent of respondents say their initial stop is a press release”.

The story went on to say that Oriella PR Network, an alliance of 15 communications agencies in 20 countries, has published its annual study on digital journalism since 2008.

Allen introduced some statistics that suggest the pressure journalists are under:

Almost half (45 percent) admitted they have to produce more content and a third (34 percent) work longer hours.

However, despite this added pressure, 44 percent of the respondents said they enjoyed their job more, compared with 34 percent in 2010 and just 27 percent in 2009.