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Newsrooms across the country are on the lookout
for news stories:

-Getting ready for school still has lots of angles
left to cover – like last minute deals for
supplies. What’s the “hot” item that every kid
has gotta have at your store? What about the
billion dollar industry for school supplies? Who’s
getting those dollars?

-As kids get back to into the swing of school,
give us some tips to boost them.  Throw in some
statistics of how many kids DON’T graduate and
what parents can do right now to shift that.

-What about fundraising for schools? Many bands,
athletic groups and student councils will be
looking for ways to raise ever-needed funds. What
do you have?

-Budget, budget and more budget. Where do you
stand? How will spending/not spending impact your
industry? Are you an economist? Chime in to this
US debate.

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