The Process of Collaboration With An Author’s Assistant

The Process of Collaboration With An Author’s Assistant

(New York, N.Y.)   According to publishing executive and founder of eWomenPublishingNetwork, Jan B. King, although author assistants are known and acknowledged inside the publishing industry, this does hold true outside of it.

On her website, King says, “We predict that will change very soon because of the increasing numbers of authors who are getting published, either as independent publishers themselves or the more traditional route with established publishers.”

There are a number of reasons  first time authors can benefit by collaborating with an assistant regardless of the stage they are in.

The process of writing, publishing, and marketing can become a full time job, leaving an author with little time to pursue  their passion- writing.

The details of becoming a successful author with a  strong online presence such as undertaking a virtual book can be overwhelming for most.

For self- published authors, tasks such as organizing the process to get a foreword, endorsements and testimonials for the back cover, web site and other sales materials*
ready, can be daunting.

Here are three reasons why working with an assistant can be worthwhile:

  • Publicity is a full-time job: Working with an assistant  can take a great deal of pressure off the author. An author’s assistant with a specialty in guiding an author through the complex maze of book marketing can make a difference in ensuring your book gets noticed. From launching an best- seller campaign to entering the book in book awards competitions relevant to the content of your book, an author’s visibility expands quickly.
  • *A cost- effective solution:  Because an assistant works remotely from a laptop computer and phone and generally has a fairly low overhead, they basically charge fees most authors can afford. Depending on the level of training and expertise an assistant  has, the fees can range from $30- $65 an hour ( and higher based on experience)  If an author undertook to do the myriad  of tasks involved between  writing and preparation for publishing and marketing, they  would need to invest an inordinate amount of time that could otherwise be used to write and meet with their readers at events.
  • Valuable relationships and contacts: Assistant have generally worked in some aspect of the publishing industry for several years and you can be assured they have a wide network of established contacts and this will also enrich your circle of influence.

About Jackie O’Neal, founder of Virtually Creative Services For Authors:

Virtually Creative Services for Authors is a company dedicated to assisting authors through the writing, publishing, and marketing process via key offerings. Founder, Jackie O’Neal has been an executive literary publicist for several years and managed numerous book marketing campaigns for fiction and non-fiction authors as the President of O’Neal Media Group. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College