Preparing for Your First Interview as a Published Author – The Savvy Book Marketer

Preparing for Your First Interview as a Published Author – The Savvy Book Marketer.

Roger C. Parker points out the ways authors can prepare for media interviews and shares creative ideas. You’ll find the content by clicking the hyperlink above.

There are no two ways about it- preparation is definitely key. Every author should prepare a list of 10-15 “suggested interview questions” that they anticipate media will ask and then work to create

concise responses to each one.  Broadly, such content will make an important part of the author’s media kit, and yet time should be spent updating the responses since changes and new developments always arise.

In preparing responses, it’s also a sound practice to weave in concrete language and anecdotes where appropriate. It’s so much easier to quote metaphorical language for its appeal, and it is also much more memorable.



Three Life Lessons Learned from Book Marketing

As a literary publicist, many authors seek me out in order to raise their book’s visibility and their individual profiles in a crowded  marketplace.

I’ve often been asked what I love most about the work I do, as it appears tedious on the surface; however, during the course of my daily tasks of media relations, creative writing, and strategic planning, I’m open to receiving impressions that translate into valuable life lessons.

Taking Action: Someone wise said, “The way to be nothing is to do nothing.” In like manner, the way to be great is to do great things. I find that by maintaining a positive attitude, I’m able to take action on behalf of my clients each day to help them achieve greater visibility. In life, taking action removes obstacles and opens many golden doors. I’m confronted with this truth as I press forward.

Planting Seeds of Opportunity: Part of my job is to open the way for fresh, new opportunities. In the course of my work in book marketing, I recognize that each day represents a building block to future success for my clients. Each connection made, each press release sent, each follow-up is a chance to learn and grow for the future.

Effort is Rewarding: Everyone knows book marketing is a full-time job, and requires a great deal of effort. Norman Cousins once said, “Hope, purpose, and determination are not merely mental states. They have electro-magnetic connections that affect the immune system.” With this thought in mind, it’s easy to see the health benefits that come from hard work.