Speaker Services

I. Managing the Speaker’s Intellectual Property
1-1 Inventory Speaker’s Source Material
1-2 Get Permissions for Material Not Owned by the Speaker
1-3 Coordinate the Trademark and IP Protection Process
1-4 Create Multi-Media Presentations – PowerPoints, Webinars, Streaming Videos
1-5 Create Handouts
1-6 Submit Articles

II. Managing the Speaker’s Marketing and Sales Process
2-1 Handle the Marketing and Sales Process
2-2 Understand and Research the Target Audience and Competition
2-3 Coordinate the Speaker’s Web Site and Media Kit – One sheet, bios, images, press releases, testimonials
2-4 Work with Speaker Prospects
2-5 Produce Blogs, Newsletters and Coordinate Social Networking
2-6 Manage Lead Generation and Outreach – Media, email campaigns

III. Managing the Speaker’s Logistics
3-1 Work with Speakers Bureaus
3-2 Work with Meeting Planners
3-3 Manage Speaker Contracts
3-4 Set Up Travel – airlines, hotels, ground transport
3-5 Coordinate the Physical Logistics of the Speech – meeting room set up, pre-event coordination, day of the event
3-6 Work with Technology – microphones, computers
3-7 Coordinate Videotaping and the Speaker’s Demo Video – videos and podcasts

IV. Managing the Speaker’s Office
4-1 Work with the Speaker
4-2 Set up Administrative Office Procedures
4-3 Handle the Speaker Database of Clients and Prospects
4-4 Manage the Speaker’s Calendar
4-5 Manage Industry Certifications (CSP/NSA)

V. Managing the Speaker’s Products
5-1 Manage the Speaker’s Products and Fulfillment
5-2 Create and Coordinate a Virtual Product Launch
5-3 Sell Products at Events


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