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Book Reviews: $25

Book reviews are a valuable tool for authors to raise their credibility and make book sales. In terms of media attention, positive  book reviews help  make authors desirable potential  guests for radio, TV, and print. Most radio and television hosts want authors on the air who already have made an impact on readers, and a glowing book review helps an author showcase their talent. We also include an interview with the author as part of the package.

Our book reviewers are all creative and published authors themselves. They have a knack for  pointing out the best aspects of a literary work and spotlighting your skill as an author.  Many of the reviews on our site have been published in print outlets both on and offline, so your book review will get wide exposure.  Why not get the word out about your book while building your credibility?
The process is simple. Just send us a PDF file of your book manuscript and  we will send you a paypal invoice. We will also send you an e-interview.  Within 48 hours we will deliver your book review via a Word document and distribute your book review to the media outlets  we partner with.

View a sample:  ”Author Finds Solace In Sharing Message of Hope”: http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2011/s11100127.htm


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